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8 things to consider before sending your kids to boarding school

If you’re thinking about sending your children to boarding school there are plenty of things to think about beforehand. In this article you can read about 8 things to consider before you choose a school, including the curriculum, your budget and making sure your child is involved in the process.

What is your budget?

It’s all well and good making the decision to send your child to boarding school, but you need to make sure you set a budget. Don’t put a strain on family finances by choosing a school you can’t really afford, and only look at schools that are in your price range.

What is the school curriculum?

Different parents will have different priorities and you need to make sure that the curriculum meets your requirements and that your child will receive a rounded education, including non-academic aspects. If you are thinking of sending your child to be educated in the UK from abroad, he or she could benefit from the chance to learn the English language in a secure environment which provides a range of extra-curricular activities

Check out the school’s credentials

It sounds obvious but you must check out the school’s credentials. It’ll be fairly easy to research each school’s reputation, and league tables will provide you with a good insight into how they perform academically.


Does your child feel secure?

It is so important that you make sure your child feels secure about this decision. Talk to them and let them voice their concerns, so that you can reassure them that home will always be home and you are sending them to boarding school because you feel it will be best for them. Schools such as Alexanders School specialise in dealing with children who have come to study from abroad and they are adept at helping your child to settle in.

Involving your children 

Go to open days, talk to other parents and let your children ask as many questions as they want, so they can let you know which schools they prefer. That way they’ll feel more involved in the decision and you will be happier knowing that your son or daughter has gone to a school that they like.


Overcoming homesickness

Your child will probably experience some degree of homesickness, so prepare yourself for this. Give them things to take from their room so they’ll feel more at home while they’re away. Be clear that they can call you whenever they like, and consider giving them a mobile phone so that they can easily contact you.

Balancing comfort with independence

It’s really tricky, but you need to be careful with just how many calls and visits you make. You want them to settle and know that you’re always contactable, but they also need to find their own way and develop independence. It’s a difficult balance, but one that should get easier with time.

The make-up of the pupil population

You may want to consider what the pupil profile is at potential boarding schools. Things that you might want to consider include whether the school is single sex, what the religious denomination is (if there is one) and the pupil to teacher ratio.

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